Evangelism & Outreach


 Evangelism & Outreach functions by providing Biblical leadership in the area of evangelism, discipleship, fellowship, and equipping the KAWC Saints to carry out the Great Commission by reaching the local and global community.

Leader:  Evangelist Willie Brown

Senior Mother's Ministry


Senior Mother's at KAWC are recognized for their deep understanding of the faith, and their ability to communicate with wisdom, teach, and instruct the younger concerning scriptural truths, character and godly lifestyle, the value of family and virtue, coupled with the power of prayer.  These Senior Mothers seek to pass trans-generational, godly wisdom to the next generation of Mothers in accordance with scripture (Isa 66:13, 49:15; Prov 31:25).

Leader:  Mother Donna Burgess

Stewardship & Giving


 Lovingly referred to as "Covenant Cashiers", these men and women of God oversee the collecting of the Lord's tithes and offerings, hardship distribution of funds to those in need, and the financial matters of the KAWC church.  Above all, these individuals are trustworthy beyond a fault, accountable directly to the Senior Pastor, and are carefully selected to serve in this role because these are men and women responsible for handling God's tithe and offering that was purposefully given by the Saints of God.

Leader:  Bro John Foster

Marriage Ministry


 One of the great institutions authored by God is that of Marriage, which embodies that foundation of the family.  Consequently, marriage and the resultant families are supremely important at KAWC.

The Marriage Ministry at KAWC is designed to promote Biblically based healthy marriages by equipping couples with God's Word that is designed for marriages, empowering them with resources and tools to encourage them with role models and enhancing their relationship with activities and events.

Leaders:  Bro John & Sis Glenda Foster

Music & Audio/Visual


 The Music, Audio/Visual Ministry's key initiatives are to: (1) ensure that God’s Word and the worship experience (Music, Praise & Worship) are clearly heard, without distraction or interference, within the KAWC Church and through KAWC's distribution channels with the highest quality video and audio available; and (2) provide audio/visual support to all programs/services (worship, weddings, funerals, etc.) and special events such as workshops, training programs; and, (3) to provide all music to accompany the Praise & Worship and Choirs within KAWC.

Leader:   Minister Kelvin D, Williams



 The role of the User Ministry is vast within the church.  The overall concern of the Usher is to serve each by ensuring that the church attendee has the greatest, most pleasant worship experience possible.  In other words, the Usher serves God by pleasantly and pleasingly serving the people.

The role of the Usher includes an entrance-to-exit experience for the church goer,  which includes: 1) assist first time guests and returning visitors 2) assist regular church attendees; 3) church hospitality; 4) door greeters; parking lot attendants; and, 5) etc.

Leader:  Bro Joe Smith

Worship & Arts


 The Worship & Arts Ministry is focused on using their God-given talents to worship the living God, and to inspire others to also worship God in a meaningful way. This teams ultimate goal is to lead others into an authentic worship experience with God through song, dance, music and drama.  Several art forms used within a worship encounter may include Praise & Worship Singers, Choir, Litugical dance, drama and acting, etc.

Leader:  Evangelist Sonjia Mitchell

Men & Women's Ministries


 In most instances, the Men's and Women's Ministries may function separately, having ministry engagements that are designed for Men and/or Women; however, because we are the Body of Christ, concerned about the well-being of all, ministry opportunities may arise that are designed for both ministry groups to work together.

Each ministry group's sole purpose is to help strengthen each other's walk with God and to draw closer to the Lord

through Bible study, accountability groups, fellowship, recreation, and service opportunities. For men, Proverbs 27:17 - As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another (NIV).  For women, Proverbs 31:25 - She is clothed with strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future (NLT). 

Youth Ministry


 The desire of KAWC's Youth Ministry is to provide age appropriate ministry for all (including little children and teens) at KAWC.  Teaching and lessons are taught to children that will be understood, using relevant biblical truth that is practical in application to our children.