Senior Pastor

Bishop Gerald L. Smith


 Born and raised in the Columbus, Ohio area, Bishop Gerald L. Smith has both passion and vision for his community.  Over the past 40 years, he has pastored three churches and functioned as overseer for numerous other churches and ministries, including churches in Seattle, Washington and Fredrick, Maryland.

Bishop Smith is duly consecrated as a Bishop in the Lord's Church, and possesses a forward vision of intergrating and bringing together the entire Body of Christ --- regardless of denomination --- through joint outreach and prayer efforts.  This powerful vision includes:

  1. Ordaining Elders where needed
  2. Raising up sons and daughters to conquer territory for the Kingdom of God
  3. Preparing a people for the coming of the Lord, and
  4. Helping others to live their best lives by bringing the Word of God ALIVE in their hearts.

For Bishop Gerald L. Smith, to pastor Kingdom Alive Word Church means "Establishing an outpost of worship, prayer, healing and deliverance" in this rural area.